Job Opportunities

Job Opportunites



The minister will be accountable to the Elders and will be responsible for planning and coordinating or participating in approved activities, functions, and events the congregation and families are participating in (all ages).  The minister will coordinate ministry planning and facilitation with deacons, parents and adult volunteers and keep the Elders advised.  The minister's life must be a model that demonstrates he is a faithful Christian, husband and/or father.  The Minister must set a proper example of Christian behavior at all times.

General Expectations:

This ministry position is an opportunity for a couple (preferably with children) to serve the Lord with a passion and sincere love for God in the area of family ministry.  This ministry is to promote growth in relationship with the Lord, relationships with one another and outreach to the lost.  The purpose is to glorify God and His word

  • Oversee education program of the church.
  • Recruit and train teachers for the Bible School program
  • Prepare, plan and conduct a yearly teachers' workshop
  • Plam and prepare curriculum
  • Plan and organize Vacation Bible School
  • Organize a yearly recognition of teachers.
  • Have educational goals for the year and periodically check progress toward these goals.
  • Be involved in local evangelism.
  • Teach others as the opportunity arises such as home Bible studies
  • Use Bible Correspondence Courses in teaching.
  • Assist with radio and television teaching as needed.
  • Visit our family members.
  • Follow up with and contact youth members and families who are not in attendance weekly.
  • Contact new families (visit, new or periodic attendance) contact parent(s) and youth individually.

Be responsible for the leadership and direction of a youth intern (if used) such as :schedules, curriculum, programs, camps, activities, etc

Teach classes on Sunday and Wednesday, as well as special classes that may be offered.

Have activit├ęs which engage our youth and family in church activities (service projects, missions, worship, teaching, pantry, visiting, etc) with all groups/ages of the church family.

Be available to preach as needed or directed (pulpit minister gone, special times, area congregations, etc)

Would be appreciated if he can lead the song service not just for the youth events but to be added to the regular rotation of song leaders for worship services as his schedule permits.

Complete various administrative functions including budgeting and management for the family and youth ministry.

Attend all scheduled church services and appropriate activities.

Advise the Elders of any special problems, issues and/or conflicts with the families/parents of youth.

Provide a weekly status report to the Elders concerning contact, activities, issues, concerns and needs.

Understand that the Family Minister role/position is not a 8-5 job, but a career choice and a way of life

Maintain availability by phone and schedule regular office hours and days off.  This information would be communicated to the congregation.


Strong faith and commitment to serving the Lord as a Family Minister.

Continual growth in knowledge of God's word for both professional and personal development.

Excellent interpersonal skills as well as a demonstrated ability to lead Bible study, organize activities, communicate ideas and use time effectively.

Bachelor's degree in youth minister or Bible major.

May consider strong applications who have youth ministry or family ministry experience, but hold a different degree.

I you want to apply for this position please send your resume to